To Whom It May Concern:

    I am writing this letter on behalf of Mr. Billy Mitchell. Timberline Software recently held our annual sales conference in Vancouver, BC at the Westin Bayshore Hotel. The agenda for the conference included an awards banquet dinner. We hired Mr. Mitchell to be our Master of Ceremonies for the evening.  

    Our goal for the evening was to have the awards presentation be both fun and meaningful for the award recipients, presenters and audience. We had the room decorated with an ‘Oscar’ theme, which gave it an elegant feel.  We presented over 60 awards, photographed each recipient, and it ran smoothly and efficiently.

    In preparation for the event, I met with Mr. Mitchell several times by phone, and once in person to review the agenda in detail. The primary purpose of the meeting was to give him background information on our company and each recipient and presenter. He in turn, did a wonderful job of educating himself on our particular business, and put together an opening ‘presentation’ which had the entire audience rolling in the aisles.

    He got unanimous rave reviews from everyone connected with the evening. He was “hilarious”. He was on-point. He was efficient. He kept the ceremony moving along without anyone feeling rushed. He was funny when it was appropriate, and thoughtful when needed.

    If your company is considering an awards presentation, or any other group function that could benefit from having a professional Master of Ceremonies, Billy is your answer. He was well prepared. He was hilarious. It was well worth the money.


    Rob Johnson

    Vice President, Sales
    Timberline Software
    904 724-7999
    Billy did a great show and I had lots of positive feedback. He arrived early to check out PA system and his show was CLEAN which was appreciated by the Elder Cow gang.
    Hope all is well with your life!!
    Sasquatch Lions Club

    You did an outstanding job.
    A number of members have requested your contact information for their own corporate events.

    Thanks for all you did.

    Janice Comeau
    VP & CFO
    Versacold Corporation

    Hi Billy,

    Thank you so much for making our event a complete success!

    I have had so many great comments on the game and you, as host. Many said it was the best office lunch they've ever ​

    participated in. Particularly, people said you did a terrific job of ad-libbing with jokes when I was called out to meet the Food Bank person.

    I'm going to send a note to everyone in the office today with your website and email address, should anyone want to contact you in future.

    Thanks for submitting your invoice, and thanks again for contributing to the success of our little party.

    Rochelle Barton
    Administrative Assistant

    Hi Billy,
    Thanks again for a great show. The first thing I asked Brent yesterday AM
    was if he had "ducked the fog" yet this morning.

    Bev Anderson
    Cardinal Concrete Ltd.

    YES!!!!  Everything was excellent.

    Thanks again.

    We are anxiously looking forward to next year already. Hope you can help us
    out again.

    Laura Helm
    Advertising Supervisor

    Video One Canada Ltd.

    Hi Billy!  Great job.  You definitely fooled a bunch of people . . . and they're still talking about it!  Since there's really only one opportunity to fake people out like that, I really appreciate how well you performed.
    Thanks again.

    I've passed your message along to Richard & John.  Thanks again and let me know if you ever need a reference! Take care.

    Lori Owens
    Shurgard Storage Solutions

    Dear Billy

    Before closing my file on the Consular Spring Ball, I wanted to thank you very much for your performance at the Ball.

    The guests really enjoyed your presentation – it was certainly a highlight of the evening. And, you met the challenge, yet again, of performing with restrictions as to subject matter.

    Billy, this was the third function which I have organized in which you have appeared. Whether you created a specific presentation such as the Professor Energy for the Vancouver Board of Trade’s Governors’ Banquet, or the Professor of Media Convergence for the Jack Webster Awards or performed your existing work at the Consular Ball, all have been brilliantly done and extremely well received.

    Many thanks for sharing your humour at these events. Look forward to having you perform at a future event!


    Nora Newlands


    You were excellent!  Your various performances were the key to making the whole thing work as well as it did.  Starting with your very funny skit at the "Godfather's" dinner, followed by a great hosting job at the high school sock hop, then the "Good Morning Vietnam" role, and finishing with your outstanding performance as the host Phil Tyme at the Awards Ceremony, you never let us down.

    My sincerest thanks, and I hope we get to work with you again.


    Barry L. Brown
    Executive Director
    Pipe Line Contractors Association of Canada

    And some excerpts:

    ...During Billy's entire show, the crowd was laughing and crying!
    What a great act!!! Billy tailored his act to our our crowd
    and to the event and was so funny..."
    -Aleece Dopp
    "You were super!!!!!!! Everyone enjoyed your entertaining very, very much.
    Some people said that you were better than Jerry Seinfeld.
    Thanks again for such an excellent job,
    absolutely you were the best part of this event!"
    -Anna Slysz, Southland Corporation
    " oasis of comic understanding..."
    -Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight
    "...Billy was excellent...his show was top notch...he even extended his show
    to keep us rolling in the aisles a little longer."
    -Lorne Anderson, Manager, Quasar Communications Ltd.
    "This isn't far from being the best live laughs
    to be found around town."
    -Capsule Reviews, The Vancouver Sun.
    "He was an excellent bonus to our Dinner Cruise.
    Billy was extremely funny, and roasted chosen staff members with ease.
    I would highly recommend Billy Mitchell to any of your clients."
    -Cami Atkinson, Charter Bus Lines of British Columbia.
    "Thank you for making our staff cruise wonderful!"
    -Sara MacDougall, Option Snowboards
    "Your routine at the Canadian Classics Whitewater Challenge was instrumental
    in generating our funniest and best party of the year."
    -Warren Cove, Hyak Wilderness Adventures.
    "You got balls, man."
    -Ice T, Rapper